Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS

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Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS is interesting a breathtaking online first-person shooter with jaw-dropping graphics. Take part in dynamic skirmishes of special forces and lead your team to victory.

It can be said that Modern Strike Online  you will feel that it is one of the good games that you used to play, it is worth it for you to experience with many different skills. So what are you waiting for without quickly download Modern Strike Online game free for mobiles now. Wish you have fun playing games at

Key featuresin the game Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS:

  • 50+ weapons: guns, pistols, sniper rifles, Tommy-guns, shotguns, and grenades!
    Weapon Skins!
  • 5 game modes for solo and team matches!
  • Beautiful graphics!
  • Clans and leaderboards!
  • Custom games with your own rules!
  • Easy and intuitive control!
  • Perfect optimization, even on weak devices!
  • Lots of maps to try different tactics and find your enemy’s weak spots!

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Game modes:

  • Team Deathmatch: Teams battle against each other. The mission is to defeat the opposing team and show who's the best online FPS player!
  • Deathmatch: Free for all style. Defeat the other players as many times as you can.
  • Team DM with a Bomb: One team become Counter-Terrorists, the other team become Terrorists. One team needs to successfully plant the bomb, the other needs to defuse it!
  • Duel: One v One battle to the bitter end! Face to face FPS, you and your opponent alone.
  • Special Operations: Two teams face off with a single life for the whole round.The team with the last player standing wins.
  • Hardcore: Realistic action mode. Damage is doubled, no room for mistakes.
  • Custom games: Create your own rules, soldier. Call your friends. Create a lobby and play with your squads in the best military games!

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